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What is it?

Keystone stereoviews revisited – see how things have changed after 100 years!

I’ve been collecting Keystone stereoviews for a while now, and I’m always especially fond of those cards that show places I know. It’s interesting to see how some places have changed over these approx. 100 years since the Keystone View Company started its business. When I visited Lisbon in 2006 and took stereo photos of the famous San Jeronymo Monastery I suddenly realized that I stood right at the place where one of the Keystone views had been taken from. I compared the photos when I was back at home and was very pleased with the effect. That was the starting point of the Keystone Re-creation Project.

Since then I’ve been doing this with a plan. Wherever I go, I do a research of the Keystone views of this area first and take print-outs with me. I try to take my photos from as exactly the same position as possible. If the original photo was taken from a higher standpoint I might ring at an office door to take my photo from someone’s window. Reactions have been very positive so far which made me decide to go public. You will be able to collect the stereoviews of the Keystone Re-creation Series, as does the California Museum of Photography that holds the Keystone-Mast Collection.


What’s available?

This is a selection of those views that are finished. It will be updated from time to time.

Some are already produced as stereocards. The views are printed with a compact photo printer, professionally mounted on black cardboard (front and back) and die-cut to achieve the typical rounded corners. The backs show updates of the information on the original cards, technical information about the cameras and sometimes stories of how the photos were taken and other extras. The cards are limited to 100 copies each and numbered on the back.

This is still work in progress. I’m mostly busy with taking photos and mounting them. In the future there will be a database online with all views and a shop to buy stereocards.


1279 Pinnacled Cliffs of Bastei, Saxon Switzerland. 645 Feet above River Elbe, Germany.
3080 Arundel, England.
5302 The Grand Staircase of Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria.
13177 Cathedral Choir E. Past Altar to the Corona, Canterbury, England.
15655 Traffic in the Busy Graben, Vienna, Austria.
18181 Avenue of Fountains at Peterhof, Former Summer Palace of the Czars of Russia.
18194 The Pompeian Room in the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.
19426 St. Petersburg from the Dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russia.
24500 Neuschwanstein, from the Heights, Magnificent Creation of Ludwig II, Bavarian Alps, Germany.
27625 Cloisters of Sao Jeronymo Monastery, now Museum, Looking across Court, Belem, Lisbon, Portugal.
30014 The Ploenlein, a Quaint Corner in Rothenburg, Germany.
33009 The Peaceful Little Churchyard of Stoke Poges, England, the Scene of Grey’s “Elegy.”
33246 The Rathaus and Statue of Roland, Rathaus Platz, Bremen, Germany.
33442 A Shrine of Vienna, the Famed Karl’s Church, Austria.


Where to see

There have been short stereo projections at the major stereo events in Germany and Austria (ISU Congress 2009, German Stereo Congress 2010). Longer projections are planned at regional events.



It’s absolutely impossible for me to retake all Keystone views myself. I like travelling but there are places I won’t be able to visit in the near future and there are other places I might never get to.

Do you like this project? Are you an experienced stereo photographer with a digital camera? Do you live near one of those places the Keystone photographers went to or plan to go there? Participate! Contact me and tell me your travel plans. I’ll send you a PDF or JPG file to print out that you can take with you. If the picture you send me is good it will be published as part of the series with your name on it, and you’ll get your share of the proceeds when the shop goes online.



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